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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Hear that Hollaback Girl ring tone? It's the 21st century calling and the IFOCE finally answered (but they really do need a new ring tone). A little over four months ago "MajorLeagueEating" created a YouTube account and they have since begun uploading videos. That's right, they have embraced the wonders of the motion picture (with sound...the old folks call that a "talkie") and are diseminating the videos for all to see on the interwebs!

Earlier today, they posted two videos to promote their upcoming Turkey Bowl event (airing on SPIKE on 11/22 at 7 pm). See, that wasn't so hard!

In this video, George Shea calls the turkey contest "the challenge against which history will measure these eaters." I'll bet the Nathan's folks would disagree. The other video is a little better, playing up the "what the hell is happening to Koby?" angle and setting the stage for a Chestnut/Bertoletti rematch. Not a bad start. Here's hoping we see a lot more videos in the future. Next up, give us some cool behind-the-scenes stuff and make us laugh.


Anonymous "Sweet" Jill Stoler said...

Oooh! Melikes those videos! Thanks, Dave!

11:06 PM


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