"It is possible to die from eating. But I think to be professional means you don't die." (Takeru Kobayashi)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


My co-workers and I have been talking about holding a bacon eating contest since the end of last year's taco eating challenge and it's finally moving closer to becoming a reality. That's right, bacon. Capable of topping both burgers and salads (oh, the irony). Pairs well with eggs and pancakes. Creates a delicious grease by-product that goes great in coffee. In short, it's the best tasting by-itself food on the planet. And now we'll be eating it by the piled-high plateful.

The only thing we need to determine is when we'll have the contest and at whose house are we going to spend half a day cooking the stuff to crispy, delicious perfection. HINT: Not mine. As much as I love the stuff, I don't want my apartment smelling like charred pig for two weeks. I'll gladly donate the beer though.

Something tells me we're in trouble with this one. Digestively that is. Also, with every contest, I always worry about "ruining" my love for my favorite foods by eating massive quantities of them. Of course, that didn't happen with shoofly pie, hot dogs, wings (in fact, I developed a love for wings based on that contest), pizza, tacos, burgers or Wendy's food, so I don't think it'll happen here. Actually it sort of did with Wendy's food.

Here's a video of a bunch of college pansies taking their sweet ass time during a bacon eating contest. Wow, that one person ate almost nine slices! I'll bet if instead of "bacon" it were "beer" and instead of "eating" it were "drinking" and instead of a "restaurant" it were a "damp, moldy frat house basement" they'd be a lot better at it.


Anonymous liz said...

Bacon grease coffee? Is that Starbucks I hear knocking on your door?

11:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude... I love BACON!

Do you remember the show "The State" on MTV back in the day?


11:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They suck!


11:53 AM

Anonymous liz said...

Check it: http://www.jbox.com/PRODUCT/OKA152/1/


7:27 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Liz, those bacon chips look great. I feel like I should give a shout to www.iheartbacon.com right about now. They love bacon more than I do. At least enough to create a blog about it.

Tut, I remember The State. Good stuff. Not quite as good as Kids in the Hall but then again, who is?

8:27 AM

Blogger Hall "Hoover" Hunt said...

Yum! I love bacon. Make sure it's not too crunchy though. You don't won't to hurt your throat. I am sure you are already paying a hefty premium for your insurance as is. Baseball pitchers may have coverage for their arm/shoulder/etc, but I know you have the million dollar coverage for your mouth/throat. Keep us posted on how the bacon goes.
Oh yeah, how is that a bad thing if your house smells like bacon for weeks. I love that!

9:20 AM

Anonymous INVADER said...

MMMM BACON CHIPS! Anyway, I'm with Hall on this one. Bacon-smell-house for a while sounds good to me, but I think it would produce an unwanted insatiable appetite. HA! Now if you want to throw-up the numbers and save your throat/mouth, be sure to partially cook the bacon causing easy swallowing. I stumbled on this by accident but the taste is about the same....Consistency? Not so much.

11:09 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

I guess the bacon smell might not be such a bad thing. It might drive my dogs crazy though.

I'm normally a crispy bacon kind of guy but if there's one thing the Navy taught me, it's that limp bacon is good too. I know there's a joke in there somewhere, but try to resist the temptation, please.

9:53 PM


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