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Thursday, March 29, 2007


So it looks like the UEPa's Great Philly Cheesesteak tour is moving forward on April 21. A few comments left on the last post made it seem as if we'd somehow do sushi AND cheesesteaks during our gorge fest, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. If ever there were two foods that were polar opposites of each other, it seems like sushi and cheesesteaks would be it. The combination of spicy raw tuna, cheesesteak, wasabi, and cheese whiz might make our stomachs implode and effectively end all of our competitive eating careers (some before they even started). Not to mention both are friggin' awesome foods and each deserves their own day of gluttony.

So I guess we can open the discussion for a sushi date here. In the meantime, we should also start thinking about our itinerary for the cheesesteak tour. Being NOT from Philly, I'll risk looking ignorant by throwing out some tour stops (in no particular order, except for the last two):
These are just a bunch of places that I've heard of or seen on some websites and lists of the best in Philly. It seems like ending at Pat's and Geno's is good for the end of the tour because they're right across the street from each other and we can just ping pong back and forth and eat until we puke (assuming we're still hungry by then). I've read in a lot of places that Pat's and Geno's are pretty much the tourist's choice for cheesesteaks and aren't even close to being the best Philly has to offer. Still seems like a no-brainer that we have to stop there.

Regardless, this list is 100 percent flexible (and probably too long), so let me know if I'm missing anything. Also, how many tour stops do we expect to make? 6? 7? 8? As many as our stomachs allow?


Anonymous Wild Bill said...

Dave - Why not start in the North and end in the South? I think Tony Luke's is the furthest south, but I could be wrong. Also, Tony Luke's restaurant is next door, where there is a bar to end the tour. Pat's and Geno's are both outside seating. Just suggestions...

10:09 AM

Anonymous Wild Bill said...

Here is a possible route, if you want to hit all of them:


10:23 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

You rock Bill. End at the bar...I like the way you think. You should come with us.

That goes for anyone interested in joining us, there's no invitation necessary. The more, the hungrier.

11:40 AM

Anonymous INVADER said...

We all know I am going to regretfully miss this! The Beer Olympics had already been planned for the 21st and is something quite a few of us get together to do once or twice every year. Thanks for the suggestion though Philly Guy and Carey. Someone please eat for me in spirit! I know I'll be missing some great food.

12:31 PM

Anonymous Wild Bill said...

I don't think I have anything planned for that weekend, except maybe cooking chili as a fund-raiser for Phoenixville Relay-for-Life. I may very well join you. It's not like IFOCE is putting anything out there for us to do.

1:33 PM

Anonymous Philly Guy said...

There is a place on south st. that does a 1 pound cheese steak also. I'll have to look it up, but its decent.

5:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, has anyone here ever competed in a Cheesesteak contest besides me?

9:02 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

A one-pound cheesesteak...we have to add that one to the tour.

As for a cheesesteak contest, not me. We're counting on you to show us the best technique.

10:07 AM

Anonymous Philly Guy said...

I'll call Jim's to see if there is a way we don't have to wait in line. They're famous for 45 min lines.

7:34 PM

Anonymous Wild Bill said...

Dave - did a scouting run yesterday for Chubbies and Daleassandros. As far as my map goes, cut the first destination off (Henry & Ridge); they're directly across from each other, at Daleassandro's address. Went into Chubbies, sat at the counter and waited. And waited. After about three minutes, I got my cell phone out and started the stop watch. At a total of five minutes, I asked the guy next to me if you had to do anything special to get some service. He just shrugged. About 4 waitresses walked by during the five minutes; other people came in, ordered at the counter, and waited. I left and went across the street to Daleassandro's. Good steak there, and I had it in under five minutes.

9:05 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

I really dislike bad service, and the worst kind of bad service is having to wait to be waited on. It could mean that they're really busy because their steaks are really good. Or not.

Philly Guy, good thinking on the VIP treatment. It's a long shot, but worth a call. No biggie if we can't get it, though.

1:16 PM

Blogger Carey said...

Dave, we can do the sushi day in H-Burg if you want. Is there a good all you can eat place near you?

9:21 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

I think there's one place in H-burg that has AYCE sushi, but Savage said he knows a place in Philly that he can take us to.

Plus if Savage is in, Steakbellie should be in which means at least five competitive eaters in one sushi restaurant. I almost feel like we should warn the management ahead of time. (Nah!)

And no, this doesn't qualify as a "restaurant challenge" under the new IFOCE guidelines. I think it only qualifies as "a bunch of guys going out for sushi and some beers."

5:08 PM

Blogger Dan said...

We did a Cheesesteak Tour a couple years ago and we hit Pat's, Geno's, Jim's, Dallesandro's and Steve's in one afternoon. A couple people did a satellite stop at Chiubbie's since it's right across the street from Dall's. And no, the line at Jim's is not indicative of their quality.

6:29 AM


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