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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Someone from the Dr. Keith Ablow show left the comment below on my fantasy eating team post. If you're near NYC and want to score some face time on national TV, drop her a line. From the show's website, it looks like the format is similar to Dr. Phil or any of those "help me help you" shows. Not sure what their intentions are. Hopefully good and not all "you suck...these people are bad influences...you're going to eat yourself to death...there are people starving in Tulsa!"

I'm writing from the Dr. Keith Ablow show in NYC, a nationally syndicated talk show produced for FOX. We will be doing a show about competitive eating on Feb. 20th. We'd like to feature a fan who idolizes Ed "Cookie" Jarvis or Tim Janus along with others, who'd like to start competiting in the sport. If anyone is interested please email me at:katya.golberg@drkeithtv.com

And it goes without saying that if you're a contracted member of the IFOCE, aspire to be a member of the IFOCE, know someone who's a member of the IFOCE or once watched an IFOCE contest, you should probably check with the IFOCE before going on this show. Actually, someone should probably tell the IFOCE that this show is happening.


Anonymous Philly Guy said...

Everyone's favorate media whore is on it.

9:27 AM

Anonymous Liz said...

Cookie has done a fabulous job retiring :-)

4:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautifulbrian here. One thing i love about Dave's site is i can actually air out my laundry in peace. When i write for bits and pieces i still feel i have a gun to my head. With Megamunch i feel much more comfortable. I wonder where Liz is going with that remark "cookie has done a fabulous job retiring" If it means what i think she means i agree with her one hundred percent. Enough of cookie jarvis. He is retired and he still thinks he should be the main focus of documentaries. Now i can see why Jarvis and Lerman are such good buddies . They think alike. It reminds me of Jailhouse rock (elvis movie) where the old guy who taught elvis how to play the guitar in prison asks elvis for a spot in his show when he gets out of the can after elvis makes it big .They give the old guy two seconds on stage with an old banjo until the producer yells "cut cut" who gave authorization for this old hillbilly to do a spot on the show? Get him off the set. You can see what im driving at . Cookie Lerman bye bye you were good eaters. Lerman good , Cookie very good , not great but scratching the surface of greatness .Trying not to sound like Lerman on eatfeats, one forget BB known for his website did perform the miracle of 34th st at one time in my life knocking off Hardy, lerman, Jarvis, booker Kevin and other not so well known IFOCE eaters on a blamy May afternoon at the Carnegie Deli. My name was never even considered for this FOX show. I dont expect anyone to idolize me but i could have given a few kind words about Mr jarvis. Jarvis claims he submitted my name but i highly doubt it . Maybe this is why my bitterness is reflected in this commentary. Yes Cookie you have done a fabulous job "retiring"

10:50 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Good points BB. I wish I'd been a CE fan during Cookie's heyday because I can't really comment on whether or not he deserves to be in the limelight. I think most sports tend to embrace their retired greats to some extent though, don't they?

Maybe it's just that these shows need a veteran perspective and with so much youth on the circuit these days, there aren't many active vets around.

Anyhow, as long as you've got something to get off your chest Brian, my comment's board will be here for you!

12:16 AM

Anonymous angry white trash said...

Beyond IFOCE said,
June 2, 2006 @ 9:17 pm


Thanks for write-up regarding the Pickle contest. Brian Seikan’s participation (as well as other IFOCE Eaters) was based on their fear that they would have gotten beaten by Independent Eaters thus exposing the myth of IFOCE dominance. Q. How come the same IFOCE guys who participated (with the exception of Kevin L) in 2004 decided not to participate in 2006? Their hatred for Independent Eaters movement was no different in 2004 than it is now….You mentioned that some IFOCE indentured Servants (my definition) think that the term rival does not apply because we are not good enough to be their rivals. However, They had the perfect opportunity to prove that we are inferior but decided to punk out. (Especially considering that according to most reports the Shea’s would not have punished them) If their real reason was that they were obliging the Shea’s then their reasoning reflects an even higher level of cowardice. Why is it that we allow them to enter our contest but they prevent us from entering their contests (even contests we have already entered and they get involved in the last minute)?

What’s also interesting is that the IFOCE guys who are poor Eaters seem to have the biggest mouths. Most of the top IFOCE guys (Who are great Eaters and good guys) seem to have the least to say.

I suggest that those pathetic has-been (or never-been) IFOCE Eaters shut-up and prove their self worth at the table and either take AICE up on our challenges or go back to ballet class. It’s absurd to complain when you were AWOL from the Pickle contest. It’s going to be fun watching some of you NY based IFOCE has-beens acting like the idiots that you are when the spot light is no longer on you. Keep the focus on your masters (George & Dick Shea) who have found better Eaters and stop blaming AICE for your pathetic decline.

So, OJ (or is it Shea, Nerz or one of your ivy league prankster friends) how long will it be before you remove my comments? Why don’t you admit your connection to the IFOCE and stop pretending that this is an objective blog and that it’s not stealth marketing?

9:43 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

You really think EatFeats is run by someone close to the IFOCE? If so, then I'm screwed!

9:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad BB feels comfortable out here but why feel like there is a gun to your head when you post on your "own" site. It doesnt take much of a "thinking man" to know why he feels that pressure. I know he feels a debt of gratitude towards IFOCE but being a slave to them is just ridiculous. I think the IFOCE should realize the value he brings to CE. I mean c'mon he has fans and he has haters but the site would do much more for CE if the reins holding him back were loosened a bit. I enjoy his site regardless of his affiliation. I am a grown man, I can decide for myself what I like or dislike no matter the opinions that are held for him by others. EVERYONE knows my loyalty to AICE is unwavering but I am an open minded person and I don't hold his affiliation against him. His site is good for CE and it should be viewed as what it is. A CE information website. I wish he could/would post more about AICE but he is held by the ties that bond him and an ongoing dispute/hatred of the big AC. I am not saying the disputes are his fault or Arnie's but we are all adults and should burry the hatchet and move on for what is best for CE and that is keeping it in the forefront of the media regardless of where the exposure comes from.

The politics of CE make the "sport" a real drag sometimes and that boils my blood. There are too many other important things in life besides dishing hatred and angst in every direction. That is the root of most of this worlds problem. HATRED. It is a cancer and should be erradicated.


4:49 PM


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