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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Wing Bowl isn't an event that can be covered in just one blog entry (as Steakbellie also has found). That said, I discovered a few photos and videos of Wing Bowl 15 that were shot be other people that I felt deserved to be shared so I'm highlighting them here. This might be my last Wing Bowl entry. I guess that means Wing Bowl can be covered in two entries. At least from my perspective.

The always hungry Dante Taylor over at the Hungover Gourmet also attended Wing Bowl and captured this iconic image. Any man (and most women) who were there won't forget that Wingette any time soon.

I saw this a lot at Wing Bowl. It's a natural by-product of a four hour eating contest preceded by eight hours of binge drinking.

I remember this fight. I also remember thinking, "How many guys in yellow shirts does it take to break up two drunken assholes? Apparently the answer is four. And who are the guys in purple? They didn't help much.


Blogger Carey said...

Ah yes. She was my favorite. Does anyone know her name? here are better pictures of her

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