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Sunday, January 21, 2007


I've been talking to my posse (I guess you can us that) about our plans for Wing Bowl and we've agreed only on two things: that we'll be taking part in some sort of eating competition the night before and some sort of drinking competition between 10pm and 6am. That's always a good combination.

I'm beginning to think that trying to "plan" the activities that take place the night and morning before Wing Bowl is like trying to plan...for something that's really hard to plan.

Here's what we know so far. Myself, Beau and Evan will be taking the 4:30 pm train from Harrisburg and arriving at the 30th Street Station in Philly about two hours later. That's when Carey -- a good friend from my Navy days who I haven't seen in eight years -- will pick us up. He might be with his sister. She, Carey assures me, is cool, and drawing on her experience as a bartender, more than capable of holding her own in drunken debauchery fest that is sure to be Wing Bowl 15. After that we know we'll eat and we know we'll drink (and repeat), and we know we MIGHT see Pete Miernicki and his crew at the bars or in the Wachovia Center parking lot. We might also cross paths at Steakbellie's post-Wing Bowl afterparty.

Notice I didn't include any plans to "sleep" in there. That's because I'm not entirely sure if that will happen, what with all the eating and drinking and whatnot. If only I knew that what the whatnot was.


Blogger Carey said...

well the train ride is two hours, right? There is your sleep for the night.

1:50 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

HA! Yeah. Besides, it's nothing we haven't done before during our Navy days. A nuclear submarine getting underway in Italy/France/Norway and half the crew is half drunk and working on little or no sleep. Anchors aweigh!

8:21 AM

Anonymous Philly Guy said...

MIGHT?!?!... Man I remember when I was cool.

8:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might want to get there earlier. Even if you have TIX they might not let you in that late. Not kidding.

4:45 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

I've heard other people say that. We'll be in the lot when it opens at 4am. Doors open at 5am and I (being a pussy) hope to be out of the cold and inside the Center at 5:01am.

What time do we need to be there/be in line/be drunk? How can they not let us in if we have tickets? Oh that's right...it's Wing Bowl.

8:36 AM


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