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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm eating a cream cheese and vanilla whoopie pie as I write this. As if consuming over two dozen mini pies yesterday wasn't enough, I had to buy 20 of various flavors and stockpile them in my freezer. (There was a clearance sale after the festival ended.)

This year's Whoopie Pie Festival was bigger and better than the last which, according to the organizers, was bigger and better than the one before that. Seems the buzz about the whoopie pie eating contest, which serves as the closing event every year, really attracts a crowd. Ian and his hollow leg helps too.

The official results are as follows: Ian "The Invader" Hickman won with 45 pies in three minutes(he ate 60 last year, but more on the lower numbers later). James and I tied with 25 for second place (he also tied me last year with 30), followed by Tim "Obi Wing Kinobi" and his awesome shirt with 21.

As always, I'll let the pictures tell the story.

The whoopie pie eating contest wasn't the only event on the calendar. There was also whoopie pie checkers, a whoopie pie launch, a whoopie pie race and a whoopie pie yell off. No word on whether my suggestion of a whoopie pie food fight will be added to next year's roster.

Each eater was given five plates of 10 pies each. At the bottom of this post, I used this image and the same image from last year to prove that the pies were larger this year.

Ian, me, Tim and James chowing down. Tim's shirt says "Is it considered cheating if you eat your opponent?" I would say no.

Eaters were given the choice between water and milk. I chose milk. Ian brought his own concoction, which looked like water, but who knows. I do know he was eating like a slob because a river of water and whoopie pie cream was running off the table onto my feet.

Ian and his sweet belt.

In addition to this kick ass belt, Ian also won some free passes to gorge on the Hershey Farm & Restaurant's legendary home cooked buffet. After the contest, he and his brother hit the buffet before heading home.

WHOOPIE PIES - Difference between 2007 and 2008
Even before the contest started, Ian suspected the pies were a little larger than last year. I wasn't sure, but after comparing an image from last year with an image from this year (note the size of my thumb against the pies), it becomes clear that Ian was right, which explains why our 2008 totals were down from our 2007 numbers.

A full set of pictures can be seen here.


Blogger "Sweet" Jill Stoler said...

Those whoopie pies look soooooooooo good! I wish I was there. :o( Next year, I'll be SURE to keep the whole day free to make sure I get to go there, compete, and hang out with you guys. I love you all!

9:29 PM

Anonymous Obi-Wing-Kenobi said...

I had a great time. It was a pleasure to finally meet you Dave. I look forward to pulling a seat up to a buffet with you guys again real soon. The bike ride home sucked!

8:28 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Yes, hopefully you can make it out to the contest next year. I think you'd be good at whoopie pies.

It was great meeting you too Obi Wing (I just realized I've been mispelling "kenobi" this whole time). I know we'll cross paths again soon.

The Shea's will probably put a hit out on me for doing this, but I'm going to talk to Dutch Haven, the provider of the shoo fly pies in the annual IFOCE shoo fly pie contest in Lancaster (this year's event was cancelled) about doing a shoo fly pie eating contest and putting up a nominal prize. I'll keep you all posted.

9:33 AM

Anonymous INVADER said...

As always, it's a good time with MegaMUNCH and co. I'm glad you came out, Tim and missed the likes of Sean and Jill. There is always next year...

Dave, my concotion actually consisted of two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. IT WAS ONLY WATER!! For those of you that would like to dip your Whoopie Pies in fruit punch, please, be my guest.

As for the sloppiness, I'll admit I thought these were bigger and filled with more cream causing slippage, mess-age, stain-age and whatever else -age can be added to. Your pictures and mine (soon to be on MySpace) will illustrate that.

So when are we doing ShooFly Pie?!? If they are as gooey as the ones at the Hershey Farms' buffet, then this will be quite the contest. All I ask is longer than 5 minutes!

3:19 PM


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