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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Thanks to Sweet Jill and her sweet Flip Video camcorder (which, as of Monday, I also own), our Niner Diner challenge has been documented on video. Below is my favorite clip from that day, and not just because I shot it. In this video we see Carey with his fan club, although they're not quite as encouraging here as they were at other times.

I laugh out loud every time I watch this. The kid in the glasses is hilarious and thinks I'm using a regular camera ("Can you take a picture of me and him?"). Carey at one point tells him "its video" but, in the end, Carey and I play along and pretend to snap away.

A full set of Jill's videos can be seen here. By the way, Tiny from the Niner Diner called me yesterday to thank us all for visiting his restaurant and putting on such a good show. He said we're welcome back anytime. I told him it won't be long.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was an awesome time. I think I'll send Tiny and his family a Christmas card.

9:48 PM

Blogger la beauheme said...

Dude, was there a time machine in Nanty Glo? That looks too much like the new host of the Price Is Right.

4:05 PM


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