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Friday, May 11, 2007


Kevin "Kevin Ross" Ross, the rookie phenom and one of the most spirited members of the Hungry Hooligans (a fantasy competitive eating team I captain) snapped this picture of himself and two fellow Hooligans, Pat Bertoletti and El Toro Jimenez, at last week's Nathan's qualifier in Las Vegas.

The sign Pat is holding is a display of Hooligans pride that will earn the team extra points in our race for the championship. Eaters earn points by eating, of course, but for every picture they take while displaying the team logo, we get extra points. The Hungry Hooligans are solidly in second place, but I have a feeling once we hit our groove, we'll take over the lead and never look back. Thanks for the pic, Kevin. And to think I almost traded you to Steakbellie's Manitoba Meatsweats for Brian Seiken and a case of Yuengling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Kevin "Kevin Ross" Ross!

10:50 AM

Blogger steakbellie said...

I had toyed with the idea of trading BB before the season started, but it was only to get a PA eater. (in the same way that I traded Sonya for Bob)

I certainly wouldnt have considered losing a Hall of Famer for a (then) unknown quantity...and there no way I'd trade him now.

It is my personal belief that BB will make a showing at some Qualifier Table this summer and change Eating for all of History.

Kevin Ross seems like an ok guy, and probably has the gumption to show up for many contests, but his dinky little sign wont change a thing. The Meatsweats plan to get sober, and when they do, they will put the 'SmackDown' on the FE community.

Can you smell what the Meatsweats got cookin'"?

Hey I just noticed Kevin Ross's Pimpin' Style ala Arturo. Thats pretty funny!

Also, El Toro gets points with me for wearing Super Paul's version of "Guernica"...who's the kid in the middle?

Doesnt change a thing MM, I still hate your guts.

11:03 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Yes, for the record, that trade existed only in internal meetings between the Hungry Hooligans Captain (myself) and the Hungry Hooligans management and ownership (again, myself). We didn't put it on the table because we knew the Yuengling was asking a bit too much.

Although it should be noted that to date, Kevin "Kevin Ross" Ross has earned the Hooligans 12 points with his eating and 6 points by grabbing this picture. His 18 points make him the team's third highest scorer and give him 18 more points than BB has earned for the Manitoba squad. Maybe I should have put that trade offer on the table...and asked for TWO cases of lager!

(Just kidding BB. Just like Roger Clemens, it takes awhile for veterans like you to get started each year, but once you do...)

11:38 AM

Blogger Carey said...

good showing so far with the team, MM, however, I did notice that you are getting held back by that shoffner character who still has yet to post any points for the team. Looks like your 10 other guys are standing up pretty well to everyone elses 11 man teams though. BTW, are the extra points only for your teammates that get a pic, or anyone at a contest? And is it only at IFOCE contests?

12:06 PM

Anonymous liz said...

I love this picture.

Carey, points are only for team members holding their team's sign (though I'm finding the attempted sabotaging of this rule to have hilarious results). It has to be at an IFOCE sanctioned event, but the eater doesn't have to be competing.

6:13 PM

Blogger Carey said...

so no points if, say, David Letterman was to hold up a sign on TV?

3:12 PM

Anonymous liz said...

I would give points for David Letterman. Any sign held by a famous person being nationally televised deserves some point recognition.

1:31 PM


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