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Monday, January 01, 2007


2007 finds me in a self-improvement mood like no other. Two days ago I actually wrote down a short list of New Year's resolutions. I never write down New Year's resolutions. I guess I've always figured that if I write them down I have to stick to them (and failure to do so would be, well, failure) which is why I've never bothered to bring paper and pencil into the mix until now.

Here's what I came up with:

1. FIGURE OUT MY PLACE IN COMPETITIVE EATING. Will I be a "competitor" or will I be a table-ender who fills one of the "local eater" spots. That means training more. I owe it to the competition and myself to be as good as I can be. I also need to figure out if I'm going to be an IFOCE guy or an AICE guy. Both have their benefits and both have their drawbacks.

2. EXERCISE MORE REGULARLY. (A.k.a. use my $40 a month YMCA membership more than once a week.) This is, of course, related to resolution #1. Eating more means working harder to keep the "belt of fat" off and since I'm not willing to starve myself between training sessions and contests, I guess I'd better drag my ass onto a treadmill now and then. I fucking hate running.

3. LEARN MORE ABOUT BEER. This one's pretty self-explanatory. I like beer, but I don't know much about it (this includes its history, the many different types of beer and the science behind how its made). I'd even like to try my hand at home brewing. Which leads me to my next "things a man should know" resolution:

4. LEARN MORE ABOUT POKER. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now. Last night we were playing poker at a friend's house and I caught myself glancing at the "ranking of hands" cheat sheet that the women were hoarding to remind myself if a flush beats a straight (it does). Of course, I knew that, but the fact that I had to look made me feel like I didn't deserve my testicles (as I drank my Corona that I also knew very little about). I've always envied the guys who seem so confident and care-free at the poker table, with their poker slang and witty one-liners. I want to be one of those guys.

That's about it. There are a few other small things on my list (open my mail more than once a month, stop chewing my fingernails, start doing some freelance writing on the side to make extra money, read more, golf more), but nothing too exciting. Only six hours left in day one of 2007, which means I'd better sign off for now. Only 364 days to go before I have to make my next list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. thinking of jumping the IFOCE ship? I love it.

2. Eliptical...i hate running too.

3. mmmmmmmm Beer

4. call me when you want to know about flopping the nuts! It only sounds totally gay, but it's not if you're at a poker table.

why can't I log in.

9:11 AM

Blogger Carey said...

I was going to do the respond to the list comment before seeing wingtut's, so don't call me a bandwaggoner. Happy New Year everyone
1. Wait till you get the amatuer competitions done with before joining. E.G. Wingbowl won't let you compete if you are a member
2. I just joined a gym too, been going every day for a week. Good luck
3. Here is what I learned this week- IPA India Pale Ale-called that cause Brittish Hopped it up to preserve it for the trek to India
4. You don't want to play that much poker, come on, look at those guy's lives. You have better things to do.

11:19 AM

Anonymous Philly Guy said...

This post makes me chuckle. Mostly because we're going to start our first home brew tonight. I know in Philly they have a group where everyone meets to share brews and give pointers.

12:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Philly Guy,
Thanks for stopping by the shoot this weekend. That was really cool of you!

3:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous Coward said...

1. IFOCE/AICE really weighs on people. IFOCE seems hopeless except for a select few. AICE seems to turn alot of people against you instantly because of past bad blood. That's the good thing about UEPa - room at the table for everyone!

2. I like the NordicTrac. I lost 100 lbs that way in high school. Elliptical seems to be the next generation on that theme.

3. I brewed beer a number of times and it's really cool. It's also a great way to learn about the styles and ingredients. Read any book by Papazian. Look for a place that lets you mix and match six packs. That way you don't have to buy a case of something you might not like. Stupid PA beer laws.

4. I don't know from poker. I hate hearing people at work talk about it. Then again, I read blogs about people who eat fast.

9:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Our offer (from way back) still stands. You are welcome to borrow our home brew supplies. We have a few hundred dollars worth, including the outdoor propane stove. I have the books -- even had one of my recipes published in Zygest (sp?). Don't forget the home brew store is in Lemoyne - so not far. We have EVERYTHING you would need (except for a lager) and $25 will make you just over two cases. It takes about one Saturday to brew and a couple hours total to bottle.

9:29 AM


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