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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jersey high school starts competitive eating club!

While "shifting gears" today at work, I stumbled onto this story about a "Competitive Eating Club" that was created (and is thriving) at a New Jersey high school. I was so excited to read the rest of the article and blog all about it that I forwarded the link to myself so I could finish reading it at home and herald it as a significant if not slightly strange and controversial breakthrough in the spread of competitive eating in our culture.

But alas, it was a false alarm. Turns out the club doesn't exist and neither does Midvale High School -- at least not in New Jersey. The story is an example of faux journalism in the same vein as the always hilarious and perfect for bathroom reading, The Onion. (Ironically, today's lead story at The Onion is about how meat is America's #2 condiment. Hells yeah!)

I realized that about midway through the story that it was a fake. Right about the point where the author talked about the club being sponsored by local food merchants and the school's cafeteria now boasted a sign that reads "Hoagie Shack Presents Hoagieland Hall."

Oh well, you can still read about it here.


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