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Monday, July 31, 2006

Love the commercials! The beer? Not so much.

The blog formerly known as Trencherwomen (now Eat Feats) reported a great link to a new Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" radio commercial devoted to "Mr. Hot Dog Eating Contest Contestant". Check it out here. Favorite lyric: "My left arm feels tingly!"

This entire line of commercials have to be some of the funniest advertising ever created. Somewhat effective too. Whenever they come on the radio everyone in the car shuts up and we actually listen to the commercial. Except I've still never bought Bud Light, so I guess they're not that effective. You know, I work in advertising and I still can't believe people get paid to write these commercials (because it seems so fun, not because it seems easy. . .which it's not).

Since 2000, they've made over 150 of the damn things, including unforgettable classics like "Mr. Way Too Much Team Clothes Wearer", "Mr. Overzealous Foul Ball Catcher", and "Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer". If you're like me, you can't read the names of those ads without singing them in your head like the hair metal dude who sings them on the commercials. (A man who just happens to be a former singer for the 80's cheese rock band, Survivor.)

This wikipedia post lists every one of the spots ever made. And this site -- at least until Anheuser-Busch shuts them down for copyright infringement -- contains audio files of almost all of them.


Blogger Dan said...

Good god... I'm pretending I have never read this post, know about the Wiki entry or the audio files. Because if I get sucked into the greatness of these commercials I won't get a damn thing done.

Speaking of bad beer with good commercials, I'm a huge fan of the "Boo Creepy Foot Doctor! Horray Beer!" ad for Red Stripe. Makes me laugh every damn time.

5:27 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

I agree, those Red Stripe commercials are great! And unlike Bud Light, both the commercials AND the beer are enjoyable.

8:54 PM


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