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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If (when?) I do it over again

After stewing over it for the last 28 hours, I think I've arrived at the order in which I'd eat the Wendy's Dollar Menu foods in the event that I do the whole thing over again.

But before I reveal my strategy, I have to give more credit to Megan than I did in last night's entry. Turns out--and she's really been on me to set the record straight--she actually ate nine-and-a-half of her team's 13 items (not the 8 that I reported previously).

You know, for all of the praise that I heaped on Jenn "The Pizza Princess" in my earlier entries (who, by the way, unofficially announced her retirement from competitive eating to me today), I think Megan might be the true up-and-coming female competitive eater in our office.

That said, here's how I would've done things differently.

The yogurt that I was so sure was a good first round decision was actually not. Judging by how easily the frosty went down late in the contest, I'm guessing the yogurt would've went down just as smoothly. It's a "no chew" food--it's almost a drink!--so the yogurt goes late or even last. Besides, I like yogurt. If you're one of the types that don't, first or early might not be a bad idea.

What doesn't go last is the salad. It's the biggest in size (though obviously not weight), but it requires a lot of chewing, which is hard to do when you're stuffed and feeling slightly naseous. Therefore the salad goes first.

Anyhow, here's the revised list:

1. Chef salad
2. Garden salad

3. Bowl of chili
4. Small drink (Listed here because it's not touched until we reach the sandwiches. Nurse it through the fries.)
5. Crispy chicken sandwich (The first of the four "middle meaty foods.")
6. Cheeseburger
7. Bacon cheeseburger
8. 5-piece chicken nuggets
9. Sour cream and chives baked potato
(This one is tough, it might be better near the top of the list.)
10. Small french fries (Easy to chew into small bits and swallow nearly whole near the end.)
11. Granola yogurt cup
12. Mandarine orange cup (A surprisingly simple food. Squish 'em against the roof of your mouth and drink 'em down.)
13. Chocolate frosty shake (A welcome treat at the end. Besides, you have to save dessert for last!)


Anonymous PadThaiPrincess said...

The meaty middles don't seem so bad, it's the carby desert there that would have me reeling. How you'd get through a whole baked potato sans liquid deserves it's own medal.

12:11 AM

Blogger steakbellie said...

I like your thinking on this. Could you potentially dip the potato in the yogurt to make it easier and save some diet coke?

10:27 AM

Blogger steakbellie said...

also, were you required to eat the dressing on the salad, doesnt sound like a big but the added fat could satiate you sooner.

10:56 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Yeah, the tater would definitely need some moisture. That's where dumping most of the chili on it might help.

Potato and yogurt might work. Toppings (like salad dressing and croutons) were optional, but the dressing would help the potato. Mixing the yogurt with the frosty would be good too...especially if you hate yogurt.

8:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, check out Bubba's myspace blogs, he has one of the wnedy's dollar challenge. I guess he and Larry did the challenge with all the dressings and everythign check it out if you haven't.

-Domenico "The Sicilian" Alesi

once again congrads on your wings success.

11:31 PM


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