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Friday, July 11, 2008


Below is the news release that was sent to Allentown media in preparation for our Gregory's Steakhouse showdown. I know I omitted some eaters who will also be there, but I had reasons for doing so (y'all know what I'm talking about).


ALLENTOWN, Pa. (July 10, 2008) – On Saturday, July 12 at 3 p.m., the United Eaters of Pennsylvania (UEPa) will converge on
Gregory's Steakhouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania to devour some of the largest steaks in the world. Ian "The Invader" Hickman will headline the event by attempting to consume Gregory's legendary 120 ounce ribeye, a meal noted on Gregory’s menu as “steak for 4.”

According to UEPa president Dave “Mega Munch” Shoffner, the competitive eating organization is open to “any Pennsylvanian with a love of food and an insatiable appetite.” The group, which meets for eating contests throughout the state, was founded in 2006 and boasts members from all corners of the Commonwealth, including Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

“If a restaurant has a giant food item on the menu, you can bet the UEPa will eat it,” said Shoffner. “We’re just happy the Gregory’s staff agreed to host our meeting. We may eat more food than is humanly possible, but we have very good table manners and we always tip well.”

According to the Gregory’s staff, several people have finished the giant steak, but no official timed eating record has been established. Hickman and several members of the UEPa, including honorary member “Sweet” Jill Stoler from Brooklyn, NY, will each try to set the speed mark by consuming the seven-and-a-half pound ribeye in under one hour.

Stoler, the newest UEPa addition and the organization’s lone female member, recently returned from a trip to Japan, where she and Hickman competed against Japan’s finest eaters in a televised competitive eating contest. Hickman’s conquests include 137 chicken wings in 30 minutes, 60 mini whoopie pies in three minutes and five-and-a-half pounds of frozen custard in six minutes. He counts the late comic, John Candy, as his inspiration during Saturday’s massive meal.

“He was a great man and a great eater,” said Hickman, referencing Candy’s steak-eating scene from the film The Great Outdoors. “Meat, gristle and fat; he ate it all and never complained.”

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In related news, I could find only one picture of the giant steaks on Flickr (here) and it's weird, because I used to work with the guy on the left in that picture. I e-mailed him and asked about the steaks. He said the seven guys in his group split four steaks among them and that the steaks were okay ("good steaks, but it's quantity, not quality"). He also mentioned that you don't actually get one giant 120 ounce steak, but several large steaks that equal 120 ounces (kind of a bummer). I'll bring my scale tomorrow.


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