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Monday, October 15, 2007


Just in case the whooopie pie contest organizer is scouring the internet, searching for coverage of her upcoming Whooopie Pie Festival, I'm going to intentially misspell the word whooopie throughout this post. Hopefully Google is dumb enough not to take things like that into consideration if and when she performs said search.

Why do I care? Because at last year's festival, she got super pissed off at Ian Hickman when he swooped in and ate 36 mini-pies during the festival's whooopie pie eating contest to take the title. He put on an awesome show and, for some reason, that didn't sit too well with her. Well, that and he snuck past her "no professionals" rule. That sneaky sonofabitch.

I'm not a professional eater (whatever that is), so I don't have anything to worry about with my entry into this year's contest. Still, I'd rather her not see this post, just in case it angers her even more and she decides to blacklist me and anyone else who looks remotely hungry and focused.

Game time is this Saturday at 2:30 at Hershey Farms in Lancaster (right next door to the Rockvale Outlets where the IFOCE shoofly contest was held). I'm calling tomorrow to inquire about sign-up procedures. Something tells me I'll have to initiate the conversation with another topic (the scheduled appearance of the world's largest whoopie pie, perhaps?) and transition seemlessly into talk of the eating contest. All while appearing mildly disinterested. Don't want to seem too eager. That's what pros do.


Blogger steakbellie said...

Good Luck with the Whoooooopie Pies!

I love that video of Hickman. He comes out fast and keeps the Accelorator on the whole time!

7:38 AM

Blogger Carey said...

Dave, I can't make it. I have a midterm that afternoon. Eat an extra whoooooooopie pie for me.

9:00 AM

Blogger Carey said...

btw, you'll love this one

9:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm? I didn't know she was so pissed....

I thought she'd be happy Ian did good.

12:38 PM

Anonymous Sean Gordon said...

I'll see ya there.

12:39 PM

Anonymous Sean said...

Last year signups were as people showed up. There was probably 30-40 people and they did heats of 3. Be prepared to hang out for a while. I'm sorry to hear Hickman has been banned but he schooled me last year but I destroyed the two 9 year old girls in my heat. Go me!

12:44 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

The Baconator Rules!!

Sean - It's the 10-year-olds you have to watch our for. Something about the fourth grade makes them eating machines.

Also, Ian will be there and he's got the blessing of the organizer this time (since he's last year's champ).

4:08 PM

Anonymous INVADER said...

Glad you saw the video Steak. I'm actually looking forward to this contest since the whoopie pies are SO damn good. Well the first few at least...

I called earlier today to see about my eligibility and everyone gave the 'ok' since I wll be defending my title. The woman said I'll have to go last, but hey, I'm just glad to participate. I had asked her to put down a few names to reserve spots. I hate to see Carey can't make it but definitely glad Sean and Dave will be. What do ya say, Steak? TuT? Pete? Philly Guy? OTHERS!?!

I think a lot of competition will turnout based on what she was saying. With these short ones, it's really any one's game so we'll have to see. I sure as hell don't want to have to pay for the buffet afterwards (there's free visits in the prize basket)!

8:18 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

I did the buffet at the restaurant right next to the stage area after this year's shoofly pie contest (my friends were hungry). It wasn't a great idea, but I think I got my money's worth.

9:05 AM


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