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Monday, September 17, 2007


Yesterday Heather and I took our little brother, Kavon, to the York Fair, a big swirling festival of rides, games, entertainers, exhibits and food about half an hour south of Harrisburg. So much food, in fact, that the official theme of this year's festivities was "Pig Out." That's all I needed to hear.

So we went and, like most fairs you attend after the age of 25, it was sort of a disappointment. It was kind of crowded and expensive and I left feeling a little dirty. I had a better time watching the Carnies hustle local kids into playing impossible-to-win "throw-the-ball-into-the-big-plastic-bucket" games and counting the pregnant teenagers (Note to York County School Board: Free condoms with school lunches. Look into it.).

Anyhow, about the food. $6.50 Italian sausages and $7.00 cheesesteaks are nice and all, but I was looking for something else. Something different. Something unusual. I didn't really find it. The "Pig Out" theme didn't mean a wide variety of food as much as it meant a whole lot of the same food. There were about 10 cheesesteak/Italian sausage stands (all from the same company), the usual assortment of hot dog/corn dog/hamburger stands and a smattering of pizza vendors. In the end, Kavon would get a cheesesteak and a pretty good cinnamon bun. Heather would grab a corn dog and some fries and I put a hurtin' on a baked potato.

Yeah, that's right. I went to a fair whose theme was "Pig Out" and got a baked potato. In my defense it was big one and it was loaded. And I'd never had a baked potato at a fair, so it seemed like a good choice. Oh, before we left we all shared a pumpkin funnel cake. Gotta have a funnel cake. That's ours sizzling away on the right in the picture below.


Anonymous Liz said...

pumpkin funnel cake? Yes, please!

10:58 AM

Anonymous Ev said...

I've been burned by one too many fairs.

11:02 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

It was great Liz. Not sure if funnel cakes are just a Northeast thing. Have you seen them out there in Denver? I thought maybe the thin air might have some effect on the dough.

1:22 PM

Blogger SupersizedMeals.com said...

Man, you guys should check out the Texas State Fair, that's where the deep fried goodies are at. This year they've invented a "Deep Fried Latte".... (imagines dipping a cup of joe in batter and deep frying it) Not quite, but considering they deep fried coke last year, it really does make you wonder :D

There's a story on it here!

9:05 AM

Blogger Carey said...

Ha! It is funny that I was going to ask dave if his baked stuffed potato was deep fried.

12:28 PM

Anonymous Philly Guy said...

The Waffle House contest I just withdrew from is at that fair. Now I'm regretting that move.

12:52 PM

Anonymous INVADER said...

Well talking about this makes me remember the good ol' fairs in Kentucky. Of course the carnies and what have you are about the same BUT EVERYTHING seemed to be fried. Not good.....GREAT. Fried Snickers, Milky Ways, 3 Musketeers, Twinkies, Oreos, pickles and a buddy of mine just told me about this year there being fried Coca Cola. Seems like alot of the good stuff is in the South but PA has quite a bit. Definitely surprised there wasn't more at the fair though....And a BAKED POTATO!?! Dave, seriously..

2:22 PM

Blogger Carey said...

Dave, how many seconds did it take you to eat it?

5:19 PM


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