"It is possible to die from eating. But I think to be professional means you don't die." (Takeru Kobayashi)

Monday, December 04, 2006

THE CIRCUIT (Episode 5): "Naming Rights"

What's in a name? A lot if you're a professional wrestler, NASCAR driver or a competitive eater. This latest installment of THE CIRCUIT is dedicated to a great man with a great nickname, Pat "Pat from Moonachie" Philbin. If this comic strip had a nickname it would be "Click to Enlarge and Read."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is pretty much exactly what goes on Pre-contest when there are any amateurs involved.

How do you think we came up with Tom "Goose" Gilbert?

2:11 PM

Blogger steakbellie said...

Names have got to be the hardest part of CE!!!

4:30 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

No doubt. I'm still working on mine. Maybe I'll change it every year.

8:54 PM


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