"It is possible to die from eating. But I think to be professional means you don't die." (Takeru Kobayashi)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


From one fast food challenge to another. This friday after work six or seven of us from the agency are throwing down in the first annual (and probably last annual) Taco Bell Taco Eating Challenge Extravaganza. It's pretty simple; 20 tacos, first to finish--or whoever's leading after 30 minutes--wins. Buy your own tacos, plus there's a $5 entrance fee. Winner takes all. Yeah, we bust out the big bills here in H-Burg.

We couldn't decide whether the tacos should be hard or soft, so we went with 10 and 10. Seems pretty obvious to me though. A taco "shell" is supposed to be hard. Anything less is a burrito, right?


Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Holy crap, Dave, too weird: some of us here are doing the same thing next week. Let's start a nation-wide, no, possibly WORLD-WIDE challenge type thing. I have ideas. We can throw something together. It would totally kick ass -- maybe have monthly challenges or something. We could do it like world cup skiing - different disciplines, overall champ, standings, etc.. yeah man! Drop me an email, iamskinnyboy at gmail dot com, and we'll get this going!

11:17 AM

Anonymous liz said...

I agree with your taco reasoning, but don't you think soft tacos offer less chance to hurt the inside of your mouth? I imagine they would go down much faster (unless flour tortillas fill you up faster than fried corn ones?). I think the mix is good.

12:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous Coward said...

I just got back from a Taco Bell challenge at work. One of the guys here ate 12 soft tacos on a bet. Then I was challenged to eat 24. I accepted, but was only able to make it to 12 in half an hour. I screwed myself by water training this morning. I don't think I was able to void the water in time. To rub it in, everyone from work was there, too. Very embarassing.

1:26 PM

Blogger steakbellie said...

On WIP this morning they put out a call to anyone who could do the Mickey D's Dollar menu in 4 minutes or the Wendy's in 5. Anybody that can do it gets in WingBowl.

3:05 PM

Anonymous Philly Guy said...


They were dicks to you this morning. It still distracted me while I was on a call though

3:37 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

DAmn, that is weird timing Skinnyboy. I'll drop you a line and see what we can do to blow this thing out.

Agree Liz about soft being easier to chew. But also wonder if the soft shells will act like bread and cut speed due moisture absorption. But I also have a feeling that this contest is going the whole 30 minutes and noone will finish their 20, so I don't think speed is an issue.

I hear ya Coward about being embarrassed. That's my biggest fear about this. STeakbellie and I have talked about this same thing. Anything less than a first place finish for me will be bad and ruin my cred as a "competitive eater." For a $50 prize, I've got not much to win, but a lot to lose.

Wendy's value meal in 5 mins? No way. The fastest I've seen it done is 10 or 12 minutes by, I think, Larry the Legend. It'll take a Top 10 IFOCE eater to do that.

6:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous Coward said...

The strange thing was that I didn't really lose that much cred. I think people knew I screwed up with the water. Also I ate semi-politely - big mistake. I used soft tacos and I can tell you they get gummy. My best advice: eat for speed and build an early lead that people can't catch up to.

11:14 PM

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