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Sunday, July 22, 2007


History is full of great inventions. The television, sliced bread, the Heimlich manuever, Jessica Biel. Brace yourself for another product of human genius, guys. Seriously, this thing could change your life. It's called BACON SALT. Just sprinkle it on anything you'd normally put salt on and presto! It now tastes like bacon! (Thanks to Liz for bringing this blessing to my attention.)

Imagine the possibilities. Bacon salt on fries. Bacon salt on burgers. Bacon salt on mac & cheese. Bacon salt on bacon.

The best thing about Bacon Salt (besides the whole bacon thing) is that it contains zero calories. I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean you can just scarf it down straight out of the jar. At least not without whatever happens when you consume 800 percent of your daily allowance of sodium. (You get really thirsty?)

You can buy it by the jar ($4.49) or you can get all three flavors (Original, Hickory and Peppered) for just $12.99. I've already bought 12 jars. I plan to give them away as really awesome but inexpensive Christmas gifts. Sort of like scratch-off lottery tickets, but without all of the losing. Get some for yourself here and let the life changing deliciousness begin. For those of you not confident enough to purchase some on the sheer awesomeness of the concept itself, I'll post a full review when my shipment comes in.


Blogger Carey said...

With lack of a better place to post, I just wanted to tell you my latest idea. Ian was thinking of doing the Daddy Luke burger, I hope to try and break the speed record. I also am going to do it again, this time I will try two in one hour. Sometime in september good for you, Dave?

1:30 PM

Blogger The Rahn Family said...

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3:29 PM

Blogger The Rahn Family said...

Mummm BLT's without the bacon. Just some lettuce, tomato, mayo, and some bacon salt. Less calories with the same bacon taste. Count me in!

3:31 PM

Anonymous Philly Guy said...

I like to put bacon salt in my water. Its like drinking the grease with none of the guilt.

7:45 PM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Yeah, this stuff puts the "B" in just about anything without all the calories. I'm thinking there's a trade off in taste, but I'm holding out hope that it's some sort of miracle condiment and it'll be something I have in my cupboard for the rest of my life.

CAREY - My schedule is always clear for a giant burger. Let me know when you've nailed down a date.

7:19 AM

Blogger Carey said...

Dave, it is really hard scheduling around Ian's facials and manicures, but I think early september is open because his hairstylist is going on vacation. We should all try and get together then.

7:53 AM

Blogger Mega Munch said...

September is crazy busy with local hometown eating contests in PA and Baltimore. I've got them bookmarked at home and I'll have to check the sked.

I've been meaning to share my list of hometown contest with you all here on the blog (honest, I will!). I just dug up a bunch of them a few days ago.

12:20 PM

Blogger Carey said...

come on, Dave. Release the hounds.

7:23 PM


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