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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Taco Bell Challenge (#3) -- IT'S ON!!

Because I assumed there had to be something out there on the topic, I Googled "Taco Bell Challenge" and found myself at UrbanDictionary.com (the first result listed). The site lists no fewer than five definitions for the feat. Check 'em out here for yourself.

The most interesting is number three, which pits two challengers against each other to see who can eat the most packets of Taco Bell "Fire" Sauce in one sitting. No drinking and no eating allowed. Granted, even the "fire" sauce isn't that hot, but it would be cool to see how many a guy can eat over the course of an hour. Fifty? Seventy? One hundred?

sauceI think the most fun part of this challenge would be the preparation. Going around to various Taco Bell's and stealing hundreds of Fire sauce packets. (Would it really be stealing if you bought a Chalupa before grabbing a couple fistfuls of sauce? I don't think so.)

Assuming the average Taco Bell only has about 40 Fire sauces in that little bin, it seems like you'd have to hit up at least three or four before scoring enough sauce to support a two or three person contest. I guess one guy could clean 'em out and the next accomplice could alert an employee that it's empty and then clean 'em out again after they refill it. There's 100 packets right there and you're on to the next Taco Bell.

To save yourself the trouble of having to run all over the place, I suppose you could just try to slip the pimple-faced, 16-year-old cashier a $20 bill and ask him for 200 or so packets. He's making somewhere south of $6.00 an hour, so I'm thinking he'd hook you up and ten cents each seems like a good rate. This method would also be useful if you live in a more rural area and don't have the luxury of having half a dozen Taco Bells within a 30 minute drive of your house.

I'm definitely going talk to some people at work and try to make this happen. To make it interesting, I think we should each kick in $10. Winner take all. A side bet can be started to see who can come closest to guessing how many packets the eventual champion can suck down before the hour is up.


Blogger Carey said...

My dream Taco Bell Challenge would be a 10 minute faceoff using Meximelts. Ummmm.

3:13 PM


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