"It is possible to die from eating. But I think to be professional means you don't die." (Takeru Kobayashi)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shoofly Pie II: Rebaked

My friend Jeremy took some awesome pictures of last weekend's shoofly pie eating contest. Check 'em out here. Below are a few of my favorites.

Steakbellie and his fans

Humble Bob in the zone

Me raising a toast...to finally be done!

Eater X, Humble Bob, Crazy Legs and Subich in mid contest


Blogger Evan said...

Congrats on stuffing yourself full of 3 lbs shoo-fly. I can't imagine the sugar rush...

9:27 AM

Blogger steakbellie said...

now we're talking!

2:20 PM

Blogger Writermama said...


Eater X is our local pizza guy.

11:09 AM


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