"It is possible to die from eating. But I think to be professional means you don't die." (Takeru Kobayashi)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hot dogs not included

The World Series of competitive eating events is only about 90 days away. Of course I'm talking about the July 4th Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Championship. With that, I thought I'd take a look at some kick ass dog cookin' equipment designed to help amateurs and pros alike get ready for the big day.

The little gem on the right is something I will own very soon. Aspiring gurgitators, meet the
HDR-535 Hot Dog Roller from Nostalgia Electrics. It cooks up to eight franks or 12 breakfast sausages AND it includes a built in bun warmer. (I'm not sure where the bun warmer portion is, but I really don't care.) You get all of this for just $39.99. It's going in my game room, which, depending on whom you ask is also the dining room. I guess it's an appropriate addition either way.

For more adventurous eaters there's this
thing. I think it's just called the "Hot Dog Steamer," but you get the idea. It's a little pricier ($400), but it steam cooks a whopping 170 dogs and warms up to 18 buns. Oh, it also comes with a "juice tray" to catch all the yummy hot dog drippings. If you want, you can probably keep that stuff. Maybe freeze it and use it in recipes and such. It'd be a shame to throw it away.

And then there's the combination roller grill/bun warmer from
Duratec. It costs $1,900 (let's just get that out of the way), but it weighs 119 pounds and at $16 per pound, that's not that bad! A two-door sneeze guard is available for an extra $300. Still unsure? Its "stadium seating" rollers are placed on a 5 degree incline "for the best presentation of your products." According to the website, this professional grade dogger "takes presentation and performance to its fullest potential morning, noon, and night." Morning, noon, and night. I think they just sold me.


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