"It is possible to die from eating. But I think to be professional means you don't die." (Takeru Kobayashi)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Now THAT'S a sandwich!

Dagwood Bumstead (of Blondie comics fame) was a mega muncher with an appetite for giant sandwiches. So giant, in fact, that the term "Dagwood Sandwich" (recipe here) has earned a place in Webster's Dictionary. Linda Stradley of WhatsCookingAmerica.net describes the meat and cheese packed snack as "a sandwich put together so as to attain such a tremendous size and infinite variety of contents as to stun the imagination, sight, and stomach of all but the original maker."

In April 2004, a team of
Dagwood wannabes in Mexico City created the world's largest sandwich, a ham and cheese whopper weighing in at 6,991 pounds (though it really doesn't look that heavy). Word on the street is, it took eight men to get the top slice of bread into place. But why are they dressed like they're bracing for an outbreak of the avian flu?


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