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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well, I still don't know when and where the next UEPa meeting will be, but I do know that I'll be in Philly this weekend with Beau. We'll be taking part in something called The City Chase. It's a one-day race around Philadelphia -- described as a cross between Fear Factor and The Amazing Race -- with the winner advancing to the national race later this year. With 300 other teams pitted against us, our chances of winning are slim, but it should be a good time nonetheless.

There will be lots of running and physical stunts as well as some mental tests. I hope there will also be some Fear Factor-like eating challenges. I saw a City Chase video of someone eating a grub. I can do grubs. I can't do eyeballs and testicles, but I guess I'd give it a go if I really had to. Afterwards, we hope to do a few cheesesteaks.

And here's a look at how they do it Down Under.


Blogger Carey said...

Hope they give you guys a Balut challenge, that oughta get you above the rest of the pack. Good luck.

1:43 PM

Blogger la beauheme said...

We didn't do too shabby for two dudes from Harrisburg. 69th out of 250! Boston, pahk da cah, weer gettin' out.

9:39 PM


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